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How water does a body good

The Importance of Water to our Health

Did you know that our bodies are around 60-70% water? The health of every cell in our body depends on water. Yet many people today drink very little water, and instead reach for a bottled beverage where the first ingredient is usually sugar. These sugary drinks contribute to the rise in diabetes and obesity that has become an epidemic in this country and is crippling our health care system.

Water, on the other hand, can help aid in weight loss. It helps our bodies release fat and can help reduce our appetite. Water also clears toxins from our bodies. We live in a chemical world where we are constantly bombarded with potentially harmful substances. Water helps to dilute these chemicals so they are not as concentrated in our bodies and flushes them out of our system. In general, water has amazing health benefits.

How Much Water Do We Need?

The old standard recommendation was 64 ounces (1.9 liters) of water per day for an adult.

64 oz = 2 large love bottles = 4 small love bottles

However, the Mayo Clinic suggests an increased daily recommendation:

  • Men need roughly: 3.0 liters per day = 3 large love bottles = 6 small love bottles
  • Women need roughly: 2.2 liters per day = 2.2 large love bottles = 4.5 small love bottles

Remember, each individual has different water requirement that depend on a number of factors..

Should I Use Tap or Filtered Water?

This is a debatable question and depends on the quality of your local tap water. The quality of tap water varies from city to city. Visit the EPA web site to learn more about your local tap water.

Filtered water is not a bad idea. You can rest assured that you are drinking safe and clean water. If you're looking for a good water filter, then you should check out these additional water filter sites.

Additional Water Filter Links:

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How We Help Bring Clean Water to Those Who Need It

Did you know that currently over one billion human beings do not have easy access to clean water? We at Love Bottle, Co. believe that every human being deserves the right to clean water. To help make this belief a reality we have joined Global Water in their cause. A portion of our proceeds goes to help this wonderful organization. To learn more visit the Global Water web site.

We care greatly about getting clean water to people who need it. This year we attended Portland Global Initiative's Walk For Water. We had an incredible experience. Read our article on What We Learned From The Walk For Water.

We also believe that clean water is a valuable and delicate resource that we must protect to ensure it is around for years to come. To help improve and protect our water we have joined with Clean Water Action. A portion of our proceeds also goes to this fantastic organization. For more information, visit the Clean Water Action web site.