Love Bottle - Design Your Own

Design Your Own Custom Love Bottle

Make your own custom love bottle…

We would love to print custom bottles for your business! Here is a list of things that you need to know about custom printing Love Bottles.

  • 1.       Minimum order is 100 Love Bottles
  • 2.       You pay Wholesale price for the Love Bottles
  • 3.       Cost of Shipping to our printer is $75
  • 4.       Lid Removal and Reapplication is required for printing. This costs $0.30/bottle
  • 5.       The Screen Fee is $68 per color
  • 6.       The Machine Set up cost is $30
  • 7.       Cost of printing for less than 252 bottles is $170. (253-499 bottles) is $0.60/ bottle, and $0.58 per bottle (for 500-999 bottles)
  • 8.       Shipping cost from printer to your business will vary

The quantity ordered can greatly reduce the cost of printing per bottle.

For an order of 216 bottles (9 full cases), the printing cost would be $403 ($2.02/bottle)

For an order of 504 bottles (21 full cases) the printing cost would be $613 ($1.23/bottle)

We also offer quantity discounts on our wholesale cost. If you order over 200 bottles there is a 5% discount. If you order over 500 bottles there is a 10% discount. If you order over 750 bottles there is a 15% discount. If you order over 1000 bottles there is a 20% discount.  

Custom Sticker Label (2-3 week turnaround time)

Another option is a custom label.  This is the perfect option for companies ordering under 100 bottles. The costs involved are

Cost of label – depends on size and quantity. Can vary from $.30 each to $2+ each.

Cost of affixing label - $.25 per label

Shipping to your final destination. 

We recommend that you order your labels from We trust them, and they have printed quality labels for our customers for years. 

Please let us know if you would like to proceed with custom printing. If you have any further questions please email