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Come and be a part of the Love Revolution! Find out what you can do to help make this world a better place and help spread the love. Connect with us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter and you will find a growing community of people who believe that little things can make a difference. Find out what little changes can help your health, the environment, your community, and the planet. Find out how a little love can change the world, and help us make it happen.

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We recently attended Portland Global Initiative's Walk For Water. It was amazing. We played Truth or Dare to spread Love. Find out What We Learned From The Walk For Water

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    Is there something you love about your love bottle and want to share with us? Or do you simply want to show off how cool your bottle is? Share with us how your love bottle makes you feel, or how you like to dress it up and have it reflect your personality and who you are. This is the place to share stories, tips, testimonials, and pictures. Please e-mail your pictures and testimonial to

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