Love Bottle - About Us

About Us

How We Began

The idea for love bottle was born when a nutrition consultant in San Francisco looked at the emotional and physical health of our country and wondered what she could do to improve it. Because water is our most fundamental need, improving its quality became the obvious answer. Water in a great looking, earth-friendly bottle supercharged with a little love seemed the perfect answer to helping many people in a simple and easy way. The next thing she knew she was starting a company.

Our Mission

  • To spread love
  • To improve health
  • To create a canvas for self expression
  • To help the environment
  • To get clean water to people who need it

How Love Bottles Can Help the Environment

Statistically, each person in the U.S. drinks one 8-ounce plastic water bottle a day. This means that, on average, each love bottle can annually reduce plastic water bottle consumption by 365 bottles! With the average cost of water being $1.00 per 8-ounce bottle (or more) this is a savings of $365 a year!

  • If 1000 people use a love bottle we reduce our plastic bottle consumption by 365,000 bottles a year.
  • If 10,000 people use a love bottle we reduce our plastic bottle consumption by 3,650,000 bottles a year!
  • If 1 million people use a love bottle we reduce our plastic bottle consumption by 365 million bottles a year!
  • If you know someone who is always drinking out of a plastic water bottle, give them a love bottle as a gift for them and the planet! Each person and each step helps make a difference.
  • To learn more about how we help the planet click here.

How We Help Bring Water to People Who Need It

Did you know that currently over one billion human beings do not have easy access to clean water? We at Love Bottle, Co. believe that every human being deserves the right to clean water. To help make this belief a reality we have joined Global Water in their cause. A portion of our proceeds goes to help this wonderful organization. To learn more visit the Global Water web site.

We also believe that clean water is a valuable and delicate resource that we must protect to ensure it is around for years to come. To help improve and protect our water we have joined with Clean Water Action. A portion of our proceeds also goes to this fantastic organization. For more information, visit the Clean Water Action web site.

A Letter from our Founder

Hello and welcome to Love Bottle!

Get ready for a brand new way to experience water! I’ve been drinking water out of a bottle with the word ”love” on it since 2005, after seeing a picture of a water crystal formed by the word love. It’s beauty took my breath away. Intrigued by the photo, I investigated its origins and found that a wonderful man, Mr. Masaru Emoto, has been dedicating his life to the world of water and all it has to teach us. He has spent many years photographing how different words, pictures, songs, and prayers can affect water with its energy. To learn more about his work and to view beautiful water crystals, please visit

After realizing that water is affected by the energy surrounding it, I wanted to charge my water with the energy of love. I started drinking water from a homemade love bottle for a few months and though it was subtle, I could feel a difference when I drank from it. It made me feel good, and it made me want to drink more water. Now, I rarely drink out of anything but a love bottle and will actually search around the house so that I can drink out of my current favorite!

I also started noticing my friends asking for sips from my bottle and my husband “borrowing” my bottle when he came home from work. It made me think that perhaps more people wanted or needed a little love in their water.

A few months later, I wanted to add other words to my bottle, so I wrapped some masking tape around it and started writing. I wrote play, dance, sing, laugh, and dream. I loved my new bottle and the new additions. Soon people began commenting on my bottle and wanting one of their own. At this time, I was working as a nutrition consultant in an intensive treatment program that was effective, but complicated and expensive. I started thinking to myself, “There has to be an easier way to improve health that is affordable and accessible to a lot of people.” Though the idea of starting Love Bottle, Co. had been formulating subconsciously for over a year, when it finally hit it felt like a bolt of lightening. Suddenly I realized that I had answered my own unanswerable question and created my dream job at the same time!

Now that I've turned my dream into a reality, it’s my biggest pleasure to see someone look at their bottle and smile. I love it when people get excited about customizing their bottle: choosing which color bands they want to use, or what word they want to write on it, or which design fits them best. When I see people smiling at their bottle, I know they are feeling good when they drink out of it. It makes me happy to know that the part of them that’s made up of water is feeling the love.

Peace and Love,

The Love Bottle Lady